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Discover, track, and share things you love.

Tabs is a place for people to share they things they love in the communities they love. Tabs is not dedicated to any specific industry or genre, no specific type of business nor geography based.


We want to be able to say, eventually, that people can find anything they’re looking to read or write about, and then find every other similar thing and do the same. The idea is the index everything in the world and provide a platform for people to find, share, and track everything.


With that said, it’s crucial for every company to have a vision statement to remain laser focused in times of decisions, whether driven by product or the community. Not every company shares theirs, but with our intentions being so big, we want to make it known here and now:


Tabs is a platform for users to find new things to love, and track and share their thoughts on those they already do.


So how is this done? Simply, it all starts with the categories. Categories are essentially just collections of things. A thing is any item part of a larger collection.


E.g. In the category Movies, any movies would be a thing,


To save and track the things you’ve have, use, or seen, they can be added to collections. Collections span a category for easy organization.


E.g. If you’ve added a movie to the Seen It collection, you’ll have a list of movies in that collection and nothing else. You can refer back to this collection and re-order it for your personal ranking of best movies.


Finally, to be kept up to date on the most recent reviews and activity for any category or thing, just hit the Subscribe button on either the category or thing pages.


Right now we’re starting with a few communities like Movies and Lego but we hope to expand very quickly and we hope you become part of this journey.